Simple tips to save money In 2020

While not all of strategies will work for you, you can reduce your expenses by thousands annually by using some.


This is what I hear from my grandma:

"If you don't ask for help, you will never know!"

She was right. This advice helped me save thousands of dollars. I'm not counting.

There are two approaches to solve this issue:

Act proactiv

You can contact a vendor who you frequently pay for things like garbage service and cell phone carriers, cable TV, and mobile phone carriers. You can express your gratitude to them for their excellent service and then request discounts.

It takes just five minutes. A phone call of five minutes could save you thousands of dollars over time.


It isn't an attempt to save money on the services you've used.

It's illegal. It's also illegal. Don't do it.

We've been informed and are awaiting the bill.

My wife received an amount of $500 for a test that she agreed to take. Contrary contrary to what she was told by her insurance company, the test was not covered by insurance.

My wife was looking to pay the amount and get on with her life. I suggested that she call me to clarify her confusion and request discounts.

What are the results?

They were able to get $300 off

What is the number of times you missed a phone call because of being too busy? You might be missing hundreds or perhaps hundreds of dollars.

Noah Kagan actually made $2,000 for asking one question.

What's the most likely result?

Absolutely nothing!

This is among my favorite strategies for saving money. There's no risk of loss and there's no limit to the upside.


There are people who can't give up their vehicle in order to save money. It's okay, so long that your financial plan isn't at risk.

It's more economical to buy than lease if your goal is to reduce expenses.

You're looking for a reliable vehicle that you can keep over the long term.

What is the reason?

There won't be any car bills if your auto loan has been completely paid off.

But, leasing means you don't own the vehicle. The monthly payments are made to an asset that is declining in value each minute.

A lease exchange service is an excellent option if you're stuck with an agreement and need to break free.

The final result is you can save money by letting go of the lease and buying an affordable used car.

Take OFF your budget! Track your expenses!

The topic of budgeting is the center of focus. But, keeping track of your expenses is the key to making money that nobody speaks about. I've found that the most successful financial people are aware of exactly where their money is going each month.

You are able to make informed choices knowing the exact location of your money.

The power of knowledge is in the mind.

Does this sound good or bad?

It depends!

Golf is a major concern for me. To keep my golf costs down I'm willing to compromise in other areas.

My wife and I both decided that the $3000 per year paid for cable TV was not worth it.

We were successful in being able to cut our expenses by over 60% based on this information.

It is impossible to keep track of your expenses when you aren't keeping the track of them. This makes it hard to determine which areas to cut and where to cut costs.

This is a three-step procedure to keep track of your expenses and cut costs.

  • Select a system for tracking that is suitable for you. You can use Mint, YNAB or our free spreadsheet that you can fill in with your own data.
  • Track your expenditures for at minimum three months. Don't make judgements on your spending habits or hurry to make adjustments. Be aware of your spending.
  • Review your choices. This will enable you to begin by identifying the most expensive cost first and then assess whether it is in line with your objectives. If it is not, act now.

We were worried that this process could fall by the wayside, so my wife and I employed a bookkeeper to keep track of our expenses. Every quarter, we meet to examine our finances and discuss any new goals or changes.

It is essential to create an efficient, repeatable system that is beneficial to your business. If you keep working, you'll see the magic happen.

SCAN to get free entertainment

Does it make sense to spend money to enjoy yourself? Sometimes, it does.

To attend the concert, you have to pay for admission and nobody will give away free food.

There are numerous ways to enjoy yourself, even when you don't have the cash.

It is possible to save money by putting aside a set amount of money per month for entertainment. You can enjoy as much as you want without spending a dime.

Here are some fantastic ideas for free entertainment that can help you get started.

  • Learn about yoga on YouTube
  • Meetup groups in your area that align with your preferences
  • Sign up for a free trial and test the various streaming services.
  • You can play a board game or even the daily NY Times Crossword Puzzle mini!
  • You can begin your own small garden by using seeds you can get from the neighborhood seed sharing program

There are numerous methods to reduce costs while having enjoyable. Don't be deceived by anyone. 


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